Husqvarna Viking - Accessories

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Featured Accessories

Circular Attachment Your Circular Attachment                            Free Motion Echo Quilting Foot The 
is the perfect tool when you want to make unique                                     Free Motion Echo Quilting Foot is designed to give
embellishments on your sewing projects, garments and                             you more control when free motion quilting.  The 
quilts. You can sew simple circles, flowers, or parts of                              large base ensures good surface contact with the
circles to create unique borders or graphic patterns.                                fabric and provides better control of the   
Combine circles in different sizes and create large patterns.                   
stitching. The transparent base allows for 360°
                                                                     visibility. Vertical, horizontal and circular 
markings on the foot make it easy to follow a
                                                                     continuous line quilting pattern or design on the
                                                                     fabric. Sew straight lines or follow patterns with
                                                                     rounded edges in any direction.
Multi-line Decorative Foot Use the Multi-line                          Small Square Hoop Embroider small 
decorative Foot to create even spacing borders with                                designs quickly and easily in your Small Square
decorative stitches or as a guide when sewing Omnimotion                       Hoop. It is always best to embroider in the 
and side-motion stitches. Guidelines are provided for                               smallest hoop for the design, so now you have
accurately turning corners of ¼” (6 mm) and                                             the perfect hoop for those tiny embroideries!  
½” (12 mm) measurements.                                                                        
The small hoop size will fit in "tight" areas of your
                                                                                                                 garments where you other hoops are too large! 


Extension Table with Adjustable Guide This extension table attaches to your machine the
same way as your accessory box and substantially increases your work area. It is very stable, and because no legs are
needed, you have the clearance underneath the extension table for circular items.  
The Adjustable Guide with ruler has
both centimeters and inches to allow you to sew hems, borders and more with perfect accuracy. The ruler printed right on
the extension table measures from the needle in both centimeters and inches so you always have the measurements you
need right at hand.